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One of the best rappers in the Bay Area. Can also be a shortened version of California.
Have you heard? Calix is the best rapper in Calix.
by Ihavelike3 August 21, 2009
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Hot thick and everything you would want in a girl the boys go crazy for some calix in their life if you have calix as a gf you WILL BE BLESSED
God damn is that Calix she sexy asf
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Calix is a guy that’s so hot that all the girls go after him .If you have calix as a bf, you will be blessed.
Calix is so hot and sexy
by The Apple Watch kid October 07, 2019
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The ugliest guy in the world with the weirdest name. Most guys named Calix are boys/men, but most have a really small penis.
Girl 1: Hey! Look at that guy over there! He's so ugly!
Girl 2: I think his name is Calix.
Girl 3: Once I accidentally touched his penis, but it was almost as if nothing was there.
by Prezboi January 31, 2017
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the biggest douchebag, his extra eyebrow thickness is taken away from his dick. his hair is so flaky, even flakier than frosted flakes. tries so hard to be thicc. almost as much as the basic white girl.
You acted like a super Calix last night!
by calixxx October 30, 2017
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Calix is the ugliest guy you will ever meet, and has a weird ass name (most people with the name Calix are guys)
Girl1: who is that guy over there he so ugly
Girl2: his name is Calix it’s a really weird name
by Morning wagon April 23, 2019
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