adj. (slang, humorous)
denoting a person or behaviour that is serious or formal; concerned with the matter at hand; not casual

A fallaciously derivative antonym of the word nonchalant. "Nonchalant" is actually a standalone word borrowed from the French "nonchaloir" meaning "unconcerned". We never took the word "chaloir", however, and turned it into "chalant". We could have done, but we didn't.

All that said, treating that first syllable as a prefix (which it was in the French) and extrapolating that chalant must be an antonym of nonchalant is actually reasonably logical and reflects the historically procedural manner in which the English language is developed.

Nonetheless, at this point in time the word is only legitimate as a form of humorous slang.
While his manner could not be described as nonchalant, he had already enjoyed too much wine to be truly chalant.
by The Real NH April 29, 2020
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1. Extreme concern about an object.
2. Concerned
A chalant person is very concerned about every little detail
by Metz November 5, 2003
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not nonchalant.

Person- A calmed up person who is ready to raise the roof and will call you out for being lame because they're 10 steps ahead of you in the game. Probably hollers and yaks a lot.
Nonchalant: sup, dude...?
Chalant person: I don't sleep, motherfucker!

synonyms: hyphy on fire wild up calmed up crunk firecracker
by Cherokee Thunderbat November 9, 2009
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Opposite of nonchalant. Worried, hurried, not cool.
How chalant is that bitch! That tight assed chalant prick.
by capt September 27, 2003
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not non chalanting
trying wayyy tooo hard
loser with no skills
that basketball player that cant play but chalants too much and tries way to hard, racking up the hustle points.
by hogard March 24, 2008
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The opposite of nonchalant. Getting straight to a topic or not beating around the bush.
"Be as chalant as you like"
by samsterhamster118 March 20, 2016
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The opposite to nonchalant. Feeling or appearing irritated and unable to relax. Displaying anxiety, interest and enthusiasm.
by Bigma/pazza December 30, 2019
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