"I do calisthenics, I'm a cali-athlete"
"Muscle Ups, Handstands, Planches, L-sit, Human Flags & Levers"
"So strong your workout looks like an optical illusion."
by CalisteniaBrasil April 19, 2022
An Australian, team-based competitive performing art, featuring elements of rhythmic gymnastics, musical and dramatic theatricality, costume, dance, musical interpretation, and more.
The word itself comes from the Greek words for 'beauty' and 'strength'.

At the most elite level, Calisthenics competitors are required to have a high level of flexibility, strength, balance and control, precision, technique, and execution.

Not as well-known as it deserves to be. Also, the hardest sport to explain to a person who hasn't heard of it.
"I do Calisthenics."
"What's that?"
"Oh God, here we go again..."

Calisthenics is the best!
by TazarYoot January 28, 2014
Fitness with body weight is one of my favorite workouts that I love and will never leave.
something good we can all do in our daily lives are exercises with body weight otherwise (calisthenics) helps increase strength endurance muscle mass and flexibility and we can all do as long as we have positive thinking and appetite for what we are going to do. 😜🔥💪
by KURIAKOS WORKOUT November 21, 2021
The art which uses the body in order to maneuver effectively in an environment
-Look how easily he Climbes that bar

-yeah , he has been practicing calisthenics
by StealthyBetta July 11, 2019
Systematic exercises usually performed without exercise equipment. It's like what Richard Simmons does.
Most people think that you have to reach a certain level of coolness in order to perform calisthenics, but they're really just for anybody.
Boy, am I fat! I need to lose weight the groovy-man way! Turn up the music, because it's time for some CALISTHENICS.
On the CD 'Blazing Arrow', Blackalicious takes you through a healthy regimen (a.k.a. systematic plan) of Chemical Calisthenics.
by mexicanpolicesquad July 14, 2005
its a dance including clubs,rods,freearm and many other things.
it is a mix of dances from the world
"i dont want to do one dance i'll do calisthenics"
by tt girl April 27, 2009
an easy exercise usually used to warm up. such as beating someone lesser than you in a sport or game
wow kenny and dillon just killed ryan and frank in bags. they made it look like it was just calisthenics.
by alpha kenny won May 3, 2010