one of the most hardest, beautiful, underrated sports in the Olympics.

mostly popular in eastern europe and Israel

even the american olympic athletes never win any metals in this sport. it's that hard!
it's always the russians who wins gold. sometimes ukraine
some called it a communist sport because it's very popular in russia
others called it a nazi sport because hitler made aryan women practice rhythmic gymnastics to prepare for motherhood
requires supreme skills, coordination, strength, creativity, and EXTREME FLEXIBILITY

the key in this sport is to make it look easy and effortless with all the contortion and catching the props. they must defy the law of physics.
dumb people think it's an easy clown sport until they try it themselves and severely hurt themselves
dumb person watching Rhythmic gymnastics in olympics: pppppppfff bitch please, this is a sport??? i can do that with a ball
*ends up in a hospital with a snapped spine*

person 1: woah what the fuck! that girl can touch her ass with her head!!!! is she a demon??
person 2: no she's rad! she's a rhythmic gymnast.
by kishkishkish April 15, 2013
Commonly mistaken for artistic gymnatics. Rhythmic gymnastics incorporates the use of hand-held apparatus with music. These apparatus include Rope, Hoop, Ball, Clubs and Ribbon. Rhythmic gymnasts are extremly flexible and most incoporate ballet lessons into their training. This sport is not for the faint hearted.
*PLEASE NOTE - Rhythmic Gymnasts CANNOT do flips and will hurt you if you ask!
Dumb Ass Guy:
'What sport do you do?'

'Rhythmic Gymnastics.'

Dumb Ass Guy:
'OH COOl! So you can do flips?'

'No DUMB ASS! That's artistic gymnastics!'
*Stabs Dumb Ass Guy then walks away*
by rgchik May 25, 2008
Rhythmic gymnastics is one of the hardest sports with the most intense training regimen. Ballet, flexibility, strength and coordination these gymnasts need it all! The gymnasts compete in stunning leotards (usually 4) which altogether can cost over £3,000!!

Rhythmic gymnasts are easily the most talented athletes and can make catching a hoop and bending in all directions look elegant and flow beautifully in a routine!

Definitely the most underrated gymnasts in a sport which is no where near easy!!
In rhythmic gymnastics the gymnasts don't do backflips so don't even go there!!
by xx123.321xx February 28, 2017
An activity (not a sport) dominated mostly by unattractive, pencil-thin eastern European girls with big foreheads. Consists mostly of juggling balls and clubs, rolling around on the floor, prancing around with a ribbon stick and tossing a rope back and forth to other unattractive, pencil-thin eastern European girls.

It's the perfect activity (not a sport) for high school color guard dorks and/or circus performers who would like to get into the Olympics.
Jacques Rogge is an effing douchebag who'd rather look at ugly girls playing with ribbons (rhythmic gymnastics)than ugly girls playing with balls. At least the ones who play with balls (softball players) have boobs.
by pity-da-foo August 26, 2008