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When a person becomes obsessed about their appearance and whats happening in Hollywood...

People suffering from California Syndrome are usually: white, rich, and good looking.
My Super Sweet Sixteen, Laguna Beach, and The OC are the three leading causes of California Syndrome
by Trivial Perfection April 24, 2007
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1.) People, typically from the Midwest who believe everything about California is fantastic and talk constantly about running away and/or hitchhiking there.

2.) California natives as well as others who've become increasingly obsessed with California state; Primarily major Southern California cities (Los Angeles, Hollywood & San Diego). As well as California (pop)culture; Including the California Pizza Kitchen, PAC-Sun, Rodeo Drive and Sunset Boulevard.
I'm moving to Fresno as to avoid further damage from the infectious California Syndrome.
by urbanr0cker May 12, 2008
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A behavioral pattern characterized by an obsessive concern regarding health, especially nutrition, but contrasted by a lack of regard for, or lazy attitude toward, obvious safety practices, often afflicting Indie Rock singers and bisexual free-spirits.
-"Dude, my yoga teacher was gonna lead a macrobiotic raw foods class next week, but he did too much Special K on Saturday and now he's in the ICU."

-"Shit man, sounds like a bad case of California Syndrome. Let's drive over and do some reiki on him."

-"Alright dude, right after we finish this blunt."
by crunchynutbutter November 21, 2011
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A state of mind that all people who have migrated to california have been afflicted with, see also naivety, idiocy, airhead, dumbass. People with California syndrome are so foolish as to think that the whole world revolves around all things that happen in California, specifically L.A. and Hollywood. These poor people, for reasons unknown, feel they must dress, talk, act, and behave like their "Gods"; all of the actors who work in Hollywood, and make millions of dollars while having little or no talent whatsoever, who succeed by selling the worst films ever made, to their fellow Californians, along with their idea of what "trendy fashion" is.
Any group of people who would elect Ronald Reagan or Arnold Schwarzenegger as their state governor is collectively afflicted with California Syndrome.
by shomesomethin July 13, 2010
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