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A professional Ice Hockey team in the NHL. Their home arena is the Pengrowth Saddledome which seets around 19 000 visitors and is one of the most spectacular arenas in the NHL. They "Star Players" are:
1. Miikka Kiprusoff
2. Jarome Iginla
3. Kristian Huselius
4. Alex Tanguay
5. Dion Phaneuf
6. Robyn Regher
7. Daymond Langkow

Those are there main 7 stars, the Calgary Flames have made it to the playoffs for the past 3 seasons, but never since 1989 when they one the Stanley Cup.

The Calgary Flames recently became famous for the Red Mile on 17th Avenue and for the C of Red in the Pengrowth Saddledome.

The 3 hardest teams for the Calgary Flames to beat in the Western Conference are probably:
1. Nashville Predators
2. Dallas Stars
3. Anaheim Ducks

The Calgary Flames have the 3rd wildest fans in the NHL. The ones who have wilder ones are Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings.
Calgary Flames are my favorite! :D
by scottrgr April 16, 2007
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A Canadian team with a rabid fan base who seem to believe this team is actually going somewhere when in reality that is face first into the trash. The Edmonton Oilers are the Flames arch enemy. While both teams are not very good at this moment in time at least the Flames have Jarome Iginla.
Calgary Fan: The Calgary Flames are the best team ever!!!

Hockey fan: No way the Flamers suck, you suck and your mother sucks.
by bloodredrage February 11, 2011
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Kick ass NHL team. A team in which I have been cheering on since before last year. Skilled players, cool coach, awesome team. Way better than the Leafs.
by Lexi January 21, 2005
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An NHL team located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada whose only won the Stanley Cup once in 89'. They choked in the final round in 04' to Tampa Bay. Their famed player and basically the whole team is Jarome Iginla "Iggy".
Whats the difference between the Calgary flames and a bra? The flames only have one cup.
by wakka July 18, 2005
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The laughingstock of Alberta. The have by far the dumbest fans in the NHL, who think the Shames are an NHL powerhouse despite the fact that they've went past the first round only once since 1989. They are one Kiprusoff away from a top ten draft pick. Their gap-toothed fans are either filthy, strech-marked gutterwhores or inbred mulletheads who live in a time where the Camaro is the epitome of high-class.

The Shames can't score to save their lives, and depend on their exciting combination of clutch-and-grab and depending on their goalie to be MVP every single game. A Battle of Alberta at the MaxipadDome includes Oilers fans invading that dump of an arena, and outcheering Shames fans in their own building. It's quite a spectacle!

Shames fans tend to make it through their day by convincing themselves that they are better than Edmonton. An inferiority complex is an ugly thing.
The Oilers are your daddy, and don't you forget it Mulletgary!

The Calgary Flames are synomynous with "Choke".
by Who;s your daddy? September 09, 2006
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A NHL team located in Calgary, Alberta. The star players are: 1.Jarome iginla 2.Dion Phaneuf 3.Kristian Huseliuss 4. Miika Kipprusoff. The deadmonton oilers seem to think they are rivals to the flames because they are about 3 hours away. they wouldnt think that if kipper kept letting goals in.
bill: dude did u see kipper shutout the oilers and phaneuf get ejected for knocking sean whorecoff out cold? jack:No shit that happens every time they play! bill: O ya. Calgary flames rock
by Scyllian February 19, 2008
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The dirtiest team to ever play the game of hockey. If your kicking their ass with 5 minutes to go and they put in their back up goalie, you better watch out for a goalie stick hitting unexpectedly wacking you somewhere in your body and their team captain spearing you with the end of his stick
yeah so my team was dominating with 5 minutes to go, so they went calgary flames on us
by chances14 May 18, 2007
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