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A kind caring guy with brains and brawn, the whole package. He’ll be there for you when you’re feeling down, and will always treat you like a queen
Girl: My boyfriend is so sweet
Boy: What’s his name?
Girl: Calan

Boy: Makes sense
by PacifyHer13 February 27, 2020
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"I can't breathe, said Floyd as he was being suffocated. "I can't breathe" thought more than 100,000 victims as they were dying of Covid. "I can't breathe" chanted countless Americans in the streets, protesting enduring police brutality.
by Monkey's Dad June 01, 2020
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A wonderful boy that will treat you like a princess. He will always help you when you feel down. A Calan would be an amazing boyfriend, he would never cheat on you.

Beware, he can get a little protective over the person he likes.
Calan has a good sense of humor but will sometimes be a little cheesy. He has a heart of gold.
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by sksksks vsco is gay October 21, 2019
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A unique individual who prides himself in making the stupidest puns. His somewhat strange sense of humour often has people laughing at him, not with him.
Friend: I'd prefer not to eat that salad.

Calan: Lettuce not partake in the salad!

Friend: Oh my god, please stop..

Calan: I carrot hear you!

Friend: ...
by fappingmushroom December 01, 2013
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Someone who is so damn annoying. They will come in your room and say, “what the FUCK IS UP KYLE” just to mess with you. Though, it can be pretty entertaining.
You: I literally do not care get the fuck out
Calan: Atleast i have a dick
You: The size of a damn pencil from 3rd grade
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by Autumn💙 February 17, 2020
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Ratchet Blonde-haired blue-eyed softy who sucks at football and plays the violin. Wears fake chains and pretends he’s black while dating vsco girls at sonic probably named Elizabeth or Emily.
Calan your tarantula's under your pillow. Watch out!
by #saynotodreads September 08, 2019
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Small frail boy who often simps for the slightest piece of female attention. Will even go to the extent of opening up a reverse rub and tug parlor for any contact.
CALAN you short simp stop talking to that behemoth of a woman she’s only 13!!!!
by Chasereee May 22, 2020
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