Phrase used to decribe a person in a relationship that is (whipped) or (hooked) on the person they are in the relationship with.
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1)You back out of a night to be with the boyz to be with your girl & they reply: "Man... Julie got you open".

2)Back in the day the phrase was "Got your nose wide open."

3)It is also used in rap to describe a lyric, song, rhyme,etc that is dope.
"Dat new DangerDoom CD got me open...I (rock'd)track 7 all day at the (crib).
by CRSTOPHR July 25, 2006
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a girl that got you doin' things that you wouldn't normally do
"man she got you open like a freeway at 3 in the morning"
by Mizz. Chris April 4, 2008
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