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A rich/wealthy southern white woman from an agrarian background who is birthed from MANY generations of incest, raised to worship the Confederate Flag, and develops a VERY unhealthy attraction to farmyard and domestic animals in her teen years. She lives her early adult life partaking in party favors and alcohol until her parents threaten to cut her off. She usually winds up marrying:
1. A crocked politician.
2. A police officer.
3. A member of the armed forces.
4. A pastor of a Southern Baptist church.

...only to cheat on the aforementioned men with a broke, white-skin-worshipping coon named Tyrone.

When caught, she'll say "Tyrone" raped her.
He'll go to jail or 'wind up missing' and she and her good ol' boy will seek marriage counseling, renew their vows, and live happily ever after to beget more southern belles and good ol' boys.

Due to the aforementioned over-consumption of drugs and alcohol in her teens and early 20s, by the time she's 30, she'll look 45+.
"Southern belle ain't nothing but a trick, nasty as hell, stanky little cave bitch" - Ice Cube
by 800Wmarietta September 3, 2014
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It's CONFIDENTLY using your attributes, characteristics, and overall personality to win the affection of the woman you want. You can't have game if you don't know yourself; you can't be confident in what you're ignorant of.

Game is playing the cards you're dealt and WINNING; turning your positives into swagger (not 'swag') and your negatives into charm.

Symps would have you believe that 'game' means blindly acquiescing to a woman's whims and going along to get along with an ulterior motive in mind (usually sex). Those are just cons and fakes who prey on insecure, attention whores because they believe a quality woman would NEVER appreciate the man he REALLY is. They lack game, so if they assume this about themselves, they are ultimately right.

Sometimes the cards in your deck are insufficient, you didn't exude the right amount of confidence, or maybe you were TOO confident and it came off as arrogance. When that happens, you just charge it to the game, learn from it, and keep it moving.

An expert of game can pull any woman he wants, but that doesn't mean he can pull EVERY woman. See, a person with game can read a woman before even talking to her; he knows if the woman he's scoping would dig his rap or not and an expert of game doesn't want a woman that wouldn't want him, so his success rate is much higher. When you've gotten to this level, you're a MACK.
Game is often misunderstood.
Game isn't about lying.
by 800Wmarietta September 1, 2014
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Caking is when a guy is dealing with a whore, slut, or anyone he simply wants to fuck and instead of taking the 'hard no' (rejection) or fucking her and leaving, he instead sticks around and takes care of the financial responsibilities, plays 'daddy' to her kids, and/or pretends he's smitten with her.

He's even BAKING CAKES with this woman (hint: that's why we REALLY call it 'caking').

Essentially, it's a man placing himself in the most servile position by going far and beyond what's needed just to get some ass; he's attempting to 'buy the cow' with deeds and gestures WHEN THE ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD'S getting free milk, cheeseburgers, and leather jackets.
Simp (on the phone): Hey wifey; I hope you're having a good day!
Simp's friend: Who are you talking to?
Simp: My wifey, Shelia.
Simp's friend: Shelia? The bitch from up the street?! Out of all the bitches to be caking with, you chose her? I know three dudes who've hit it; there's even a sextape of her in a threesome circulating the web.
Simp: SHHHH! She might hear you!
Simp (on the phone): I'm back, baby; now...where were we?
by 800Wmarietta May 24, 2016
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Duration: It starts the day after Halloween and ends the day after Valentine's Day.
November 1st - February 15th

When done with ulterior motives, it's the time women trick desperate men with romantic inclinations to get gifts and guys 'date down' to get gifts from desperate, grateful low hanging fruit.

It's a despicable practice and I don't suggest anyone doing the aforementioned, especially since during this time of year, emotions are extremely high and you risk getting your tires slashed (men).

But when it's mutual and both parties are knowledgeable and complicit in the act, it can be worthwhile; they just want to spend the cold holidays with someone who cares for them (even if it's just an illusion of a relationship OR 'seasonal friends with benefits').

The reason behind this is that in most places it's cold and cloudy most of the time; a very depressing time of the year for most, but even more so when you don't have someone who cares for you or willing to spend time with you.

Some ladies with means/looks get boy toys and some guys opt out of a serious relationship for 'girlfriend experience'.

Those who were in lasting relationships before cuffing season...well, there's a reason why the majority of children are born in August - October...they were conceived...IN CUFFING SEASON!
Cuffing Season has begun; have you been cuffed?
by 800Wmarietta November 1, 2015
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n. a sexual act that entails sticking pre-chewed bubblegum in the anus of another and asking him/her to contract the pubococcygeus muscle to give the appearance of 'chewing'.
Him: Let's try something new...
Her: Like what?
Him: *chews bubblegum*
Her: What are you doing with that?
Him: *sticks bubblegum wad in her asshole*
by 800Wmarietta October 24, 2011
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