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Gaelic name for "Beautiful Girl." Cai is the term for beauty that is both physical and spiritual, unlike álainn, which just means physical beauty. Leen means little girl or small child.

In Irish folklore, the name Caileen has been used to represent a girl who is greatly unaware of her own worth. She is beautiful and kind but unaware of it, often helping and befriending people of a "lesser status".
Eric: If I ask her out, do you think she'll say yes?
Bri: It's Caileen we're talking about! She'll probably say yes and be shocked why you would even want to go out with her!
Eric: Are you kidding me? She's beautiful.
Bri: Try telling her that...
by happy2help13 March 28, 2013
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caie is taken from the greek word for crow, the black and dangerous bird to the greek farmer's crops. This caie was said to be a harvester of evil spirits and the root cause of widespread starvation. Caie can be shortened to cai

Leen refers to the angle on which a horse's cock will hang from it's body when preparing for intercourse.
That pornstar sure looked Caileen, bet she could have taken the whole cock in her mouth.
by Mister Steene September 02, 2007
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