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A beautiful princess, beyond all comprehension, can't count through multiples of five however wears bows and gives passers by with weak hearts massive heart attacks. She is the paramount example of grecco-roman beauty paired with alternative model prowess. Possibly most important has the hair of an old world goddess, long and flowing in such a way to as to remind you the world is still sometimes a beautiful place
"How did he die?" asked the mourning family
"A heart attack prompted by a Cailee." replied the doctor
by Beastybeast1991991 November 21, 2011
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Someone who you're forced to care about, beyond perfection. Gorgeous, funny, the best thing that could ever happen to you.
by Rick James <3 December 20, 2009
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awesome, hot, sometimes weird but not always, funny, great attitude, and awesome!
I want a girl like Cailee
by Cailee January 12, 2005
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Cailee's are smart, cute, but can be a little annoying when around certain people. Many tend to hate them because they are jealous of them. Is out to steal your man.
Cailee is so perfect, I wish I could be her.

My boyfriend left me for a Cailee! I CAN believe it.

She is such a Cailee, always passing her classes.
by your typical rising freshman August 04, 2017
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Cailee (Noun)
She is a bad bitch. She's they type of person you want by your side. She's funny and cool but she can be a bitch sometimes. Just make sure you stay away from her when she's mad or she will make your life a living hell.
Guy 1: " Dude I made Cailee mad and I don't know what to do."

Guy 2: " You better hope for the best, she'll make your life hell."
by /Rawr XD/ February 28, 2017
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gross girls with a pooch and flaby body. really high pitched voice and is extremely annoying. can be a total bitch and chews. she's pretty much a white trash hick
Omg that new girl is suck a Cailee
by Funnymanganja January 16, 2011
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