In Mexico, a Cagon is simply someone who shits constantly
Pablo: Dude I seriously need to take a crap.

Juanito: Again? Bro you just did it an hour ago. What do you eat because damn you are big time Cagon.

Mexican mother: Ya se cago este guey, huele a mierda (This guy shitted aready, the room smells like shit.)
by joshwua915 September 14, 2015
Someone who looks fartatious. Who may automatically smell like a caca chip is under their cuka. People with moles especially look cagon because they look like they have a caca chip on their face.
Eva Mendez looks very cagona!
by bleeding PMS May 14, 2011
1. A muttony pie.

2. A half-wolf, half-dragon creature, forged in the midst of a struggle with evil wizards. This definition is less highly-regarded; specious.
1. Where the hell is the cagon and construda? Laurence Maroney is hungry.

2. Some cagons can cast an anti-magic spell, if cagons existed, which they don't.
by WolfDragon October 22, 2007
The Mini Cagon( Not to be mistaken for a Half cat half wagon) is a crazy creature. It is half cat, half dragon. The mini cagon often dreams of what it would be like to be completely dragon, and if often considered crazy people. They are dangerous and roar if angered. Please people, stay away from Mini Cagons. Sure, they're fun sized, but don't let it trick you. Looks can be deceiving. They often appear to be humans at a glance. STAY AWAY. Not to be mistaken for it's ancestor the cagon
Ex: Josh: Danielle dreamed she was a dragon last night! She even growled at me today!

Jeremy: She's a Mini Cagon dude! I knew it bro! All that danger in a fun size. Scary stuff...
by CagonPhobic May 20, 2009