a cage used to trap the dick, normally used in sex
by Slovenia Mapping September 5, 2021
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A man, no man !
Nobody knows his real name he is like a shadow at the exception that you can see and know what is a fucking shadow !
Who is Darky cage ? I don't know man, thought it was a legend
by PotatoOmelet November 21, 2021
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The act of pleasuring oneself in the manor of “lobster cage”, but with one main variation; having a small penis.

See definition: lobster cage
Linda: “Sorry, I’m late for dinner. It looks delicious!”

Dave: “No worries, babe. Glad you could make it!”

*(Not) Dave bursts through door*

(Not) Dave: Cheating bitch! Look at him, yo. I bet he has to fuggin shrimp cage!”

Linda: “This is my brother...?”
by Not Dave. June 3, 2020
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