The very confused and very French designer of such retarded game like heavy rain and beyond two souls. His games are famous for many things: dance sequences, quick time events, rape scenes,shower scenes,using very French actors to play Americans, and dumb over the top action scenes. This man needs help, if you see him please take him to a mental hospital.
by KurtAngelico December 11, 2013
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A fucked up man who doesn't and never will have his priorities and standards straight. He wants to tackle SJW bullshit like race and equality (Detroit Become Human) but also includes constant scenes of rape and shower scenes in his games. He wants to make movies apparently, but for some reason can't even try to. David Cage's mental stability is slowly dying more and more with each passing decade. Do not play any of his games.
An example of David Cage's name is a failure in game design.
by BeatleBoyThicc January 17, 2019
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