Cada is all that is good from the feeling that you have when you walk down the aisle to be married to your beautiful wife, to sneaking that cigarette in with your coffee in the morning. Getting gifted a brand new sports car is cada, but getting that same car broken into by teenagers playing real life GTA is NOT cada.
Boss: Im going to give you a promotion,

Me: Mannn that's cada thank you.

Girlfriend: What do you think about this dress?
Me: Its cada babe.
Girlfriend: I love you.
by iownu247 August 22, 2022
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In philosophy of duality, Cada refers to organic matter and to the life-giving processes of creation.
by fuckboxword March 26, 2016
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Cadae is a very beautiful, nice person. She has a very hard time expressing her feelings, but at the end she tries and feels good about herself.
by dbfliuwrnaegf January 3, 2018
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Damn quba's cada again
Quba: wehhhh im cada dice
dice: i know f4g
by dice November 4, 2004
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the tiniest bitch you will ever meet
Did you see that girl yesterday

she looked like a cada bbg
by bbg16 October 25, 2019
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To each their own , with their business . As long as it suits you (:
Well I know you it may not be for everyone but, cada quien con su chocolatè
by Ylarias05 January 7, 2023
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Just like the cicadas come up every so often, so does the Clit-Cada, as man cannot predict the timing of when this creature will surface.
I came home from work, I was stressed out, and my wife’s Clit-Cada was nowhere to be found.
by Hi Krunch May 18, 2021
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