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a CVL is a vietnamese term for guys/girls who pick their girlfriends/boyfriends over their real friends. kind of like "dicks over chicks" or "hoes before bros".
He spends all his time with his new girlfriend and doesn't have time for us anymore, what a fucking CVL.
by amanda tm o6 April 29, 2006
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real thugs that rock red and black all day long. love the 5 cuz the 6 is a bitch
by Mel May 07, 2004
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Vietnamese slang short for "Chet Vi Lon" mean "die for pussy"

Chet = Die
Vi = for
Lon = cunt or pussy
What a CVL! That guy would do anything for his bitch.
by Viet Boy November 19, 2008
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Corona Vatos Locos. Members of an association of Chicano gangs (Scarlets, Persuaders, Crusaders, etc.) based in Corona, California, all of whom mainly congregate on 4th street.
Orale holmes, the CVL homies better stay out of Casablanca, ese, my cousin Spooky just jumped into East Side Riva, and they're bad ass, Holmes.
by OC Raton July 05, 2011
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