Charles Trippy is a popular Youtuber on the internet. He films skits for his Charles Trippy channel, but also does daily vlogs for the CTFxC channel. He films in Florida with his fiancee Alli and his two dogs, Zoey and Marley.
Person 1: Did you watch today's CTFxC Vlog?
Person 2: Yeah! Charles Trippy is hot!
by HayleyJ1609 June 15, 2011
To pull a Charles Trippy: Constantly leave your BlogTV show live while just showing a ridiculous slideshow of your head plastered on to other bodies, or just a black screen with information on how to buy your merchandise to make you money. Another definition to pull a Charles Trippy is to fake sick during a major competition, take a nap on the couch, and then jack off to your iPhone a bit.
The CTFxC team is so stupid, they are constantly pulling Charles Trippys!
by McAuley Montpetit October 25, 2008