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Chuckle Quietly To Myself.... as opposed to LOL, because let's face it, it's not very often that actually laugh at loud at something on the interwebs.
The last few FML's I read made me cqtm
by MothaCitysBoy September 17, 2009
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Chuckled Quietly To Myself

Like "LOL"....only more realistic

When the old lady slipped on the ice and broke her hip I CQTM.
by w8isgr8 January 30, 2007
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acronym for 'chuckle quietly to myself' used in teh intarwebz.
Dude: That pun was mildly amusing.
Me: Yeah, it made me cqtms.
by twokuhl4sk3wl November 19, 2007
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Who really laughs while texting or IMing?

Chuckled Quietly to Myself.
Jan: Emma said she could beat me up.

Linda: cqtm.
by McNizzle93 January 25, 2009
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Chuckling Quietly To Myself
Used in lieu of LOL in E-communications, as that seems just a little insane when you're alone. It also connotates mild amusement, derision, irony or "I told you so".
I read your post that you're dating Sue again, I knew you'd go back with her. CQTM
by Triplettt August 21, 2010
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