A phrase popularized by Ronnie from MTV's latest train wreck of a reality show, Jersey Shore.
Guy: (Begins taunting Ronnie)
Ronnie: Come at me bro!
Guy: (more taunting)
Ronnie: No dude, you come at me bro. Hold your girl back and come at me bro!
Guy: (even more taunting)
(Conversation repeats consecutively for the next 5 minutes)
(a fight eventually erupts on the boardwalk)
by AmericaFTW February 10, 2010
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A slang term generally used by a confident man of "action" towards some punk ass frontin' bitch, as a direct way of callin their sorry ass out with an invitation to prove their mettle and step up, or GTFO.

It usually follows a heated exchange of verbal insults and/or threats, but can also be instigated by other means (e.g: girlfriend being eyeballed, etc.). Those that use this slang term adhere to the codes of "walking the walk, not just talking the talk", as well as "speak softly and carry a big stick". They generally don't go looking for trouble, but will deal with it without any hesitation or fear.
Hotheaded jerk: I don't like your face, and I'm a be like Dairy Queen and treat yo' hoodrat girlfriend right ALLLLLL NITE! HAHAHA! Damn son, and you just gonna be soft serve! LMAO!"

Icecold: Come at me bro.

*Hotheaded jerk lunges forward*

*Icecold drops Hotheaded jerk with 1 punch to the throat*


Bystander: Hey y'all, let's go get sum Dairy Queen!

Icecold: Aight.
by Detroit WHAT? December 8, 2011
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It means bring it on.
This phrase was created in Second Century AD by a bishop of Smyrna, named Polycarp. It was some of his last words before getting martyred for no renouncing the Christ.
by elgigante May 7, 2013
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a phrase popularized by Ronnie, a cast member of the greatest show currently on television, Jersey Shore.

used to show that one will not physically initiate fight but is willing to fight if the situation arises.
Douchebag: Want to fight, little bitch?
You: *ignore*
Douchebag: Pussy, what a pussy.
You: Come at me bro.
by Friendly Neighborhood Miscer February 13, 2010
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A common phrase usually used to playfully challenge friends.
Skrillex: "Wassup bro?"

Deadmau5: "Hey, I bet I could beat you in a fight."

Skrillex: "Come at me bro!" (holding giant anime style sword)
by Emmadance23 November 26, 2012
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"Come At Me Bro" (Abbreviation: C@MB), an expression embodying a challenge or exclamatory response to a statement. The phrase is often used in conjunction with or in response to "Cool Story Bro" (C$B), a similar phrase in application and meaning.
Wanker-"Nice haircut douchebag!"

Steezy G-"COME AT ME BRO!"

Pwned Wanker-"Sorry..."

"....., it was awsome!"
"Cool Story Bro!"
by McSteezyGuy November 28, 2011
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A greeting given to others who have heard of "Come at me bro"
by smizzlemimps August 13, 2010
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