A channel that for some reason calls itself a news source, even though they seem to care more about a concert in Central Park more than ongoing revolutions. They are almost as right-leaning as Fox, but still have a ways to go before they can get to Glen Beck's wild speeches, and Bill O'Reilly's Bible banters.
Breaking news from CNN, Craig Anderson has a HUGE six-pack! Oh and some guys in the Middle East are fighting for freedom. Wherever that is.
by ADULTSofTOMORROW March 30, 2011
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A cable "so-called" news network famous for it's liberalism as well as always striving to include the "Atlanta Spin" in stories
Please CNN...I know who I want to vote for.......enough brainwashing and boasting Atlanta this and that!
by Piranha November 02, 2004
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Clinton News Network

A cable news network that serves as the polar opposite of Fox News.
Fox News: Bush is one resolved leader who sticks to his guns and frees the oppressed. "Resolved Bush", "Operation Iraqi Freedom"

CNN: Bush is one arrogant leader who is truly inflexible and a war mongerer. "Stubborn Bush", "Operation Iraqi Oil"
by cali2000 June 13, 2006
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Catastrophe news network. While not quite at the propaganda proliferation level of Fox News and the like, this channel is nothing but an endless stream of inanity. Overplays everything. Their "journalism" is nothing but alternating hype and hackneyed commentary. Even comedy shows are better as far as noteworthy news content goes.
CNN reported saw a black flag covered in dildos at a gay pride parade and reported that ISIS had joined forces with lgbt advocates!

It is Fall of 2015 and CNN is still talking about Malaysia Airlines 370!
by Everything Is November 09, 2015
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Central Negro Network, totally one sided
surfer 1 "dude, do u still see any white reporters that work at CNN?"
surfer 2 "nahh, they fired all the whites that works there, and hired all the homeless blacks to work there and brain wash ppl."
surfer 1 "so now this is like a central negro nerwork."

Surfer 2 "absolutly."
by tre-ur-ass August 04, 2010
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Cable News Network.
An established, successful cable news channel which is maligned by both neo-conservatives and the far left. One viewing it as the liberal boogeyman, slanting its news to appeal to dirty commies, and those who "hate america", and the other views it as lip service to corperate america and the bush administration. For the most part its in the middle, in order to gain the most amount of viewers. Somewhat less spastic than fox news and msnbc in terms of raving idiots hosting "hard hitting" political discussion shows.
neocon: I'm not watching the CLINTON NEWS NETWORK, its run by that filthy socialist sypathizer ted turner.

Leftist: CNN is just a mouthpiece for KORPERATE AMERIKKKA. Theyre helping THE MAN keep us down.
by Lee Iacocca July 18, 2004
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