In the BDSM community, CNC stands for consensual non-consent, also known as rape play. Although it varies scene to scene, it's usually an extreme power exchange where, according to previous negotiation, there is a victim overcome by a predator by force. People who enjoy this play often enjoy either the extreme lack of control or extreme control on either side of the exchange.

**this type of scene does not encourage ACTUAL rape. All proper scenes are done after much negotiation between of-age, consenting adults.
Me and Billy did a CNC scene last night, I was so scared I came 4 times.
by KittyKat153 July 11, 2017
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Consensual -NON Consent, any of many fantasy roleplay around being taken against their will, Usually female with a rape type fantasy. Always arranged in advance, may or may not know exact time or duration of the roleplay. Intended to show an element of danger/ unknown between partners.
Mary was taken blindfolded to the old boat house for a weekend of CNC by her boyfriend.
by BBFANTASY April 28, 2021
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Computer Numeical Control: An automated method of controlling motion that is commonly applied to machines which perform industrial operations such as milling, turning, cutting, etc. These machines can typically be programmed using G-Code which is either hand-written or created by a software package like MasterCAM or EdgeCAM from a CAD file.
Hey baby, let's go CNC some parts on the HAAS.
by arpeye April 1, 2005
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Yo CNC CHRISTIANS are so judgement and hateful, they need to change.
by kingdom20 November 22, 2020
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The abbreviation for the Chicke Nugget Cult which is a large scale orginization based in Florida and spread throughout the entire United States. Its main goal is to promote appreciation for the chicken nugget.
"I really want to join the CNC but im vegitarian."

"Its okay dude the CNC dosent discriminate the welcome all people!"
by Striguspullorum November 9, 2016
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Can Not Consent, in regard to legal documents
Girlfriend: boyfriend wanna fuck

Boyfriend: CNC

Girlfriend: what
by Master Cheef February 19, 2022
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Milo Freund 2024 for president
Jimmy: CNC!!!
Thoma: yes I also think Milo Freund should be president in 2024
by milofreund June 29, 2021
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