Council House Dinner. This meal comprises of food of high fat content and low nutritional value. No fresh vegetables are to be seen on the plate. A good example of a CHD is sausage rolls, waffles and tinned spaghetti hoops.
I'm going to Iceland to buy some CHD.

Not to be confused with the other CHD (Coronary Heart Disease), although ironically, most people who eat CHD will die from CHD.
by A Scoffy Egg July 30, 2011
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Acronym for Certified Head Doctor.

From the song "Some Cut" by Trillville.

Someone who is so good at giving head that it is of high standards.
by steris October 18, 2009
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CHD is an offshoot of the obsessive-compulsive family of disorders and is certainly one of the most dangerous. An individual suffering from CHD will respond to a wrong, or a perceived wrong, as a lethal threat to their personal well being and will begin a process of incrementally exaggerating the magnitude of the personal affront, or perceived personal affront, until they can justify to themselves the death of the object of their hatred. While it is true that people suffering from CHD rarely go through with the killing, they are prone to repeatedly try to encourage others to hate the individual in question to the same degree as them, and hopefully respond with a physical manifestation of that hatred.
Individual X's CHD (Compulsive Hatred Disorder) prevented her from holding down a regular job. Once she achieved employment she would make efforts to socialize. Invariably as a result of that socializing, something would be said that would rub her the wrong way. The emotional injury would then be left to fester until the only solution was to exaggerate its severity and come to the conclusion that the affront-causing speaker needed to be eradicated from the workplace or indeed from the world itself. She would then proceed to poison the work environment by trying to get other employees to agree with her.
by DMR1969 December 04, 2018
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it is when a guy decides he doesn't want to text you or call you, yet he calls and texts everyone else who isn't important this can pertain to woman as well. Usually these people are on some level of the Heffadonkis spectrum. They usually know you want to hear from them and you care and deliberately ignores you and does not call you or try to contact you like their is something wrong with their fingers.
Why didn't you call me last night? I was waiting and you said you were going to call me back. I was talking to my friend Patrice and then I didn't feel like it. What did you do after that? I went on facebook. You know that just shows you got CHD (Chronic Hand Disease)!
by UloPeach February 19, 2010
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CHD (Chronic Heterosexuality Disorder) is a brain condition that a person becomes heterosexual, liking the opposite gender. There is no cure.
Did you hear that Chad got CHD (Chronic Heterosexuality Disorder)?
Yeah, it's awful.
by thatpersonthatwritesdefintions October 24, 2020
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