a term in China used by most Chinese internet users to mock and ridicule the state owned media CCTV which is known for producing fake news.it intends to fool poeple by these fake news,but the majority of the Chinese internet users don't buy it. and CCAV became a pop term when CCTV's evening news broadcast a piece of news trying to propagate the need to crack down on pornography and prostitution industry.while many thought that this action was actually aimed to fetter the internet.now the term can also be used as an adj which has the similar meaning with hypocritical.
Hey,dude! Could you please do better? Behave like a human being rather than a being! You are quite CCAV!
by todayiscold January 10, 2010
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中国中央电视台的尊称 China Central Asshole Vision的缩写 最著名的节目是北京时间每天晚上7点的新闻联播,非常有助于人们对时和了解当天的日期
四川大地震发生后CCAV采访了住在帐篷里的受灾群众 灾民们纷纷表示,虽然房子没了、断水断电、亲人失踪、孩子被压在废墟里不知生死,大地震对生活没有明显影响,帐篷里洋溢着过年的气氛
by Tanaka Satoshi November 22, 2013
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Nickname of the Chinese state TV station CCTV, which stands for China Central Adult Video. Adult video (AV) is the Japanese term for porn or age-restricted video, and Japanese pornography is the most popular in China. The TV news outlet is so named because of its daily orgy of boastful propaganda and watching its news serves as mental masturbation for the audience.
CCAV reports that one of Donald Trump's hair product contains neurotoxins that impair judgment.
by je veux phoque July 26, 2019
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