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the most prestigous high school for men in west county. it is a school for a select few that have good futures ahead of them in athletics and academics. they were ranked first in the nation in soccer. their hockey team has won over 100 straight games in a row and 3 state titles. they are one of few microsoft schools, every student has a laptop and every room has a smart board to enhance learing. they are the brightest and best of west county and the rest of st.louis. they have a good coaching staff in every sport, soccer most winningest coach in the nation, baseball current coach over 200 wins, basketball district champions and much more.
cbchs is one of the top high schools athleticly and academicly in the nation.
by pat goober April 07, 2005
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The greatest High School in St.Louis
greatest sports teams
State Champs in Soccer
State Champs in Hockey 96 game winning streak 3-peat in state champs
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School full of metroes. Overrated at sports. Without sports, they are nothing as they have to be as dumb as Vianney. VERY COCKY. Full of West County preppy boys who think they are better than everyone else. When a CBC guy shows up at a party, many other penises are sure to follow... NO VAGINA. It is their way.
Look at that CBC kid with his collar popped. You know, the one surrounded by 15 guys? He asked me how to spell carrot. I told him to go look it up on his laptop.
by ha ha ha ha April 06, 2005
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A school were all the dumbass faggits go to wear double popped collars and perform oral blowjobs on eachother
Hey mark, dude that blow job you gave me was so nice in the bathroom between 1st and second period." Thanks man i Practice
by CBC Cadets blow weener April 07, 2005
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An all guy sausage fest school, snobby west county rich preppy boys who cant grow their hair past their ears and suck at life .. mostly fat kids who do nothing but sit on laptops all day emailing! no one cares about your state championships!! DOGGY STYLE!! go ejaculate on your smart boards!
by mildrid April 05, 2005
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