Callie. Callie is someone you need in your life. She will brighten your day when your in the dark. She is absolutely hilarious. Most likely very short. She has dark brown wavy/straight hair. Her eyes are grey, her skin is tan, even though she isn’t from a warm state, her personality is very bright, which is why her skin is tan. She is amazing.

Thank you callie
by izzyboo64 April 03, 2019
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Callies are most commonly found watching anime- known as a weeb. She is outrageous and feirce but can be kind to the ones she holds close. Callie can sometimes be a player but once she finds the one she loves, she will hold onto him and never let go. Callies looks can vary widely but she is neither pretty or fat, nor skinny or ugly. If you have a Callie in your life as either a friend, part of your family, or your significant other, realise how lucky you are to have her in your life before it’s too late.
Look! It’s Callie!
by Name_Definition_Kween March 25, 2019
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usually a seductive young female who is the shit. somebody girls hate on but guys hit on. makes dirty jokes, can hang with the guys, but can still look hott and be girly. the perfect mixture. amazing in every aspect of sex or anything really.
Man, that girl is such a Callie.
Oh my god. I can't believe he's having sex with Callie.
Random stranger walking by: Callie? (Haha) Dude, give that man a high five for me. I'd do her any day!
by sexysportsgirl. May 03, 2011
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callie is usually a person who breathes, has emotions, and is alive. most of the time goes by she/her. probably has limbs.
someone: callie exists!

other person: yes.
by lack toes in toddler ants November 16, 2020
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Callie: A Callie is a sweet, caring person who loves life. She is very social and befriends everybody. She has a lot of guy friends. Though often a good sport, a Callie gets offended easily. She likes to joke around, and most likely speaks a foreign language. A Callie usually has brown eyes and brown hair.
"Hey, do you know Callie?"
"Yah who doesn't!"
by ShhIt'sASecret July 02, 2012
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Callie is a beautiful, intelligent girl. She has a lot of guy friends and always thinks negative.She loves to fight.For being 5 ft she is hella strong. when you pis her off you better be ready to run she will end you're life in a second. She has blue,green,gray eyes. She is a Pisces aint scared of nobody.she loves to play around. When she likes someone she hold onto them forever. in general she is a great person to hang around. when you meet her you better be lucky you have her in you're life. She can be sensitive at times. and she is BISEXUAL and she aint ashamed of it.
Boy: yo callie fine asf
Callie: too bad you ugly jk
by Spongebob$$ April 25, 2019
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