A beautiful kind and loving girl who will be by your side no matter what. She may seem annoying sometimes but you'll realize how much you love that funniness. Always one to set you off in hysterics if you give her a chance. And always one to please the gentlemen!
I love Cally so much. She sends my off in laughing fit every day. Can't get enough of Cally.
by lilireinhartistheloml June 15, 2018
A shy girl who isn't too shy once you get to know her. She can be awkward at first but once you crack her shell she is the most odd and energetic person you will meet. Cally is very pretty and doesn't know it. If you ever get a Cally in your life, hold onto her because she is the most loyal girl who never gives up on you. She is athletic, smart, and drop dead gorgeous.
All the boys want a Cally.
by littyyert November 7, 2018
A Cally is the most interesting person you will ever meet. She is fucking drop dead gorgeous with a sexy af body. She can be shy but give her time to be let out her true self. She is the dirtiest minded person you will ever meet. Whomever is dating her, he better not ever let her go because she is loyal to you and only you. She also has a bitch face from hell. A Cally is the best girl to have in bed because she gives the best blow jobs and is a passionate lover. Sometimes she feels unwanted, so reassure her that you want her and only her.
Dude I had sex with this girl last night and she had the sexiest body I have ever seen. She HAD to be a Cally.
by poodlelover2413 March 19, 2018
To act in a stalkerish manner, usually confined to the internet, with the intent to use the information gained for petty vengence
She upset him so now he's gone all cally
by Scally5 November 5, 2008
Extremely (awkward), but (caring). Cally is an (introvert),and prefers to write stories than socialise. However, cally adores Chinese food, like yuk sung
Wow, I can hear a creepy laugh, it must be cally.
by Wink wonk June 20, 2017