Callie is a girl that does like to have many friends because she likes the ones she has. Callie is a girl who likes other girls and want a girlfriend but she want to wait for the right time. Not only is a bad bish but she I comfortable in her own body. She may seem reserved and modest but she is not afraid to take off her shirt in front of many other girls and make a lot of dark jokes. Callie likes things like anime, art, music, psychology, voice acting, cats, video games, YouTube, shipping characters, and..... Yaoi... ummm yeah
Callie likes yaoi?!??!!
by TTwoo October 15, 2020
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Callie is the sweetest lickle bean you can find. shes absolutely amazing and will cheer you up whenever you need it. shes full of enthusiasm about whatever she wants to be. she obsesses alot and is in love with about 4 different women/ men 3 times her age. but she can be gay and if she is shes extremely gay as. but shes the best thing that could happen to anyone
person 1: hey man, are you dating Callie?
person 2: um yeah shes perfect.

Yo was Callie saying anything earlier?

Yeah but just about Katie Mcgrath and Jodie Comer
by GayFoRGirLs June 28, 2020
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