George: "Hey Mrs. Peterson is such a CAB!"
Guy 1: "Whats a Cab?"
George: "Crazy Ass Bitch!!!"
by Moghy June 01, 2015
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An acronym for "Club all baby seals in the area" originating from how sealers club baby seals for their pelts. This can be abbreviated into Cabsita or Cabs. In most video games where there is nothing to do or you need to make things more interesting.

Another variation of this would be Kabsita which is a mispelling but has changed Club to Kill, this is inaccurate because sealers club their seals as to not damage the furs.
Quick everybody Cabs until *insert name of friend here* gets back on.

"Ok, what shall we do next?" "Lets Cabs!"
by Trainee-saurus Rox February 09, 2010
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Acronym for Choke A Bitch. Introduced to mainstream by Wayne Brady during a skit on "Chappelle's Show"
by Philipp July 19, 2005
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Cab- its a nickname for people who are CRAZY ASS BITCHES.(CAB)
Hey Shayna, youre a Cab !
by Christineey November 11, 2007
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crazy ass bitch; used often by people to call someone usually of the female sex to describe her as a psycho ho.
Wow, that slut is a cab.

That cab wanted me to be home at 10.
by Steven Scheibe April 19, 2007
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acronym of: Crazy Ass Bitches
We were driving on HWY 9, and on the way down there were these CABS, in a camry, driving extremely slow. We ended up pissing off the CABS and they tried to crash into us.
by crmcdann November 13, 2005
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C - cock
A - Ass
B - Balls

What your chin , neck ,upper and lower lip, nose, hair, hands, pillows, sheets, toys..... smell like after a marathon ass licking fuck session. Yum !!!!
"Damn" You think to yourself That is the best C A B ride I have ever been on.
by Kimberstar6 September 07, 2013
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