CAB is a Cute Asian Boy. Used for an Asian guy between 16 and 30 who is hot. Can be nerd hot, but the guy must have a good haircut /style.
Giselle: Did you see that guy by the door? His hair is gorgeous.
Maria: Yeah, what a CAB!
by Kohlsong October 22, 2008
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short for Crusty Ass Bitch: dirty/skanky/slutty bitch that is used up or been around.
This club sucks, it's CAB central up in this bitch. looks like hookers get in free tonight!
by sjhdjhjbhdbjhjk December 22, 2009
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Community-Acquired Snark and Bitchiness -- commonly caused by hanging out too long on snarky forums and communities like TWoP, OhNoTheyDidn't, Go Fug Yourself, etc. Causes prolonged periods of bitchiness, snark and sarcasm.
"Man, you totally caught a bad case of CABS over there at ONTD. You need to stop going there."
by MizPlunderBunny August 31, 2008
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a much stronger meaning for the term anal. stands for Casual Anal Butt Sex. When things get wild and crazy thru the back door with someone you're not really seeing.
Girl, I can hardly sit down after the crazy CABS-fest I had last night!
by kgispretty September 28, 2007
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Acronym for "Cute Awkward Boy", referring to the type of guy, typically (but not necessarily) of the emo persuasion, whose presence almost demands an "AAWWWWW!"
Once a boy discovers he is a CAB, he may intentionally play up his awkward or goofy qualities and/or facial expressions so as to draw the attention of teenage girls.
Example 1
girl 1: "I love Jack Barakat of All Time Low."
girl 2: "I know, he is such a CAB."

Example 2
girl 1: "Did you see that CAB over by the merch table?"
girl 2: "I just wanted to grab him and pick him up like a baby!"
by ChristopherMike December 24, 2009
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an acronym meaning "Cunt Ass Bitch"

as in.. "you are a C.A.B."

can also be used as CAB
by A.J. Thomas January 23, 2008
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