Can't Remember Shit!
Quick lets spam some more, #Desi is getting one of his C.R.S attack again.
by maidesihoon June 1, 2005
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Kevin: man i feel sick shit
Austin: that fucking asian restaurant last night, u got C.R.S
by wants it June 12, 2008
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Can't... Remember...Shit!, A mental conditition when ones long and short term memory is altered; forgetfulness.
Sorry for not pickin'up your clothes from the laundramat, you know I get C.R.S. sometimes.
by TIAWUAN GOINS October 28, 2007
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Acronym meaning "Can't remember shit".
"Man, I must have a case of C.R.S. because I don't remember you telling me that shit".
by bxprican4u June 17, 2006
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