A term that refers to a woman who is an extreme whore. Typically found sucking dick for cocaine and/or meth. Habitats include larger, urban cities as well as smaller communities (e.g. Altus, OK.)
That girl is such a C-Donkey: she doesn't know who either of her baby's daddies are, and she has gonnorhea.
by Andrea n' Patrick March 24, 2008
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This word is used by men to describe a woman who is all of the following: fat, ugly, and nappy. This insult is most commonly used in a club after being approached by one or when trying to help others avoid them.
Pat, watch out...that C-Donkey has her eyes on you!
by Jester November 24, 2004
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A cigarrette
Pass me that c-donkey
by CJ May 6, 2004
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