C as F stands for cute as fuck but if you're a dancer, you say cute as fux.
Mattie: Ey yo, Kiyale's freaken c as f!
Vicky: stgnL? She's such a dancer.
by babyonetime June 21, 2010
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Cocky and funny. A strategy used to score with hot chicks.
Just be C & F with that HB9 and you're in!
by blubbery August 6, 2010
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The four notes you hear when your are playing Among Us and a dead body gets reported. Known to trigger PTSD in some people.
Person: *Hears those four notes, C Eb F Gb* AHHHHHHH! STOP!
by Spicyspectrum March 19, 2021
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Cocky and funny, strategy used, mostly, by slime buckets and scumbags to get women to like them. Big with so-called dating gurus.
man, I went all c & f on her and got to third base in no time. dat shit works all the time, yo!
by Silenos May 19, 2008
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Acronym used to remember the taxonomic groupings of individual organisms in biology.

Keep = Kingdom
Pond = Phylum
Clean = Class
Or = Order
Froggy = Family
Gets = Genus
Sick = species
K-P-C-O-F-G-S is an abbreviation of how species are classified in biology.
by bobmgee February 26, 2009
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