Someone so cool, yet too cool to be described as plain cool; A ridiculously awesome pimp/player.
With his hair slicked back, skinny tie, and girls around him, David was a total C Man.
by HajjHazitSYDahak December 25, 2011
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A super hero who gets super duper powers after he swallows a giant load. super duper powers after consuming a giant load consists of invisibilty, under water breathing, telekinesis, and he can fly.
C-Man must swallow a giant load to become C-Man.
by C-man and friends December 8, 2010
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Someone who has very powerful skills in the programming language C++.
alex's skillz makes him C-Man
by AquaFox90 August 26, 2006
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A real one who is obsessed with cars, not to be confused with semen.
C-man is so cool, did you see his new car?
by KevinKyleKid January 30, 2023
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