fake fans (army) who only like BTS because of their physical appearance
Oh that’s another farmy” she exclaimed in disgust.
by jeoncena July 13, 2018
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A fellow farmer.

Term originated in the popular Facebook game, Farm Town.
Howdy farmie!
by McEy Dees May 31, 2009
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1. a person who is enthusiastically interested in fresh and local foods; 2. a person who purchases food from small, socially- and environmentally-responsible farms. ORIGIN: from foodie, a slang terms meaning one who is keenly interested in food
"Check out these beautiful heirloom rainbow carrots I found at the farmers' market," exclaimed the farmie.
by farmieNo1 February 19, 2013
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Co Owner of AKJ and considered as a good player and manager
by Chiron so2 May 30, 2021
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a farmie pork is when you see a city slicker on farmersonly.com so you gotta shove a pig up your ass to assert your americanism and drive them Ol' City Slickers back on to their religion. The farmie pork is the pig after the butt stuff
John: "Yeah dude I saw me a City Slicker on my here tinder sort app"

Jim: "Did ya show em a good Ol farmie pork stuffin?"

John: "You bet ur sweet ass I did Jim"

Jim: "Just kiss me already nigga"
by FydHoe July 27, 2017
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A standoff2 GOD. With pure skills.
Farmy so2 is a A standoff2 GOD. With pure skills
by Cyberg so2 November 5, 2020
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like the cheese, a fart that smells mature and ripe.
'I just let one go, and it was seriously farmy!'

by Joe Coole July 14, 2008
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