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1. The Swedish word for Trash.

2. Dwelling place of bitter old ladies, the cross eyed, and toothless.
3. Home of the Family Dump.
Dude, why does it smell so bad in this place?

It's because it's Byesville.
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by Your_effing_mother January 12, 2017
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A small town in Ohio. There isn't much to do there, so usually most people will go to other some of the larger towns nearby. There is a rather large amount of hunters and elderly that live there as well. The schools there leave much to be desired, but will get the job done.
Person 1: "Hey want go to Byesville?"

Person 2: "Not unless we're going to rip up some dirt roads. I'd rather go to Zanesville"
by TheRedishOne February 05, 2019
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Defintion 1: a shitty ass town in ohio that nobody likes or has never heard of.

Definition 2: a large steaming piece of shit.
"Let's get out of byesville before we get arrested for breathing."
by Jon Minney September 16, 2007
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