A phrase used to display negative irony. It is used especially during times in which a there is discomfort in approaching the subject head on.
Mike: I decided to forgive my girlfriend for cheating on me.

James: Bwat
by JayA559 August 12, 2018
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small tri-color wiry furred canine
Where that bwat at? He a chi bwat!
by Word smot August 4, 2023
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Boy twat. An alternative to boi pussy. A twink hole you top
by THOTs n Prayers August 30, 2022
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enlarged protrusion area from stomach and vagina. affectionate combination of "belly" and "twat". see FUPA and gunt.

distant cousin of cankle.
Big Shirley had to buy extra-large panties to fit over her enormous bwat
by Tyson Travis December 30, 2005
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1)an exclamation of indignation
2)something to fill the space/silence
3)an answer when none other is thought of
4)the word to use under extreme circumstances of hyperquatiltyamusementness
1) "meh" "bwats!"
2) "meh" "bwats!"
3) "meh" "bwats!"
4) "meh" "bwats!"
by the management May 10, 2004
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Panamanian slang synonim to bar/nightclub
Hey man let’s go to the “Bwat/Boite” to get shitfaced.
by Panamanian slangist July 21, 2021
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