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A turd that is cleverly concealed under the butter in the fridge through having melted the butter onto the turd. A Butturd is usually concocted as a revenge scheme.

Term coined by: brict
1. "He microwaved the butter. Then poured the melted butter into a bowl. Then shat in the butter carton. Then poured in the melted butter, and let the butturd set in the fridge. Then left." - zalifer

2. "I can't believe it's not butter" -- HOLY SHIT! IT'S A BUTTURD!
by Omarei August 16, 2011
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The small amount of solid fecal matter that falls from the anus after passing a large bowel movement usually resulting in a PLOP.
After having been unsatisfied with my bowel movement I felt a butturd coming and quickly sat back down on the toilet for the relief I had come for. PLOP.
by Sullidomis October 25, 2011
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