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Nickname for girlfriends' who tend to trip over stuff.
"Damn, Buttertoes fell again."
by Tubbo :) April 12, 2008
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A beautiful woman from head to ankle because below that is either talons or a baby head big toe .
That chick is banging, everything butter toes that is
via giphy
by Fourveinte September 27, 2018
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this is when you stick butterin the end of someones shoe and they put their feet in it. when they do this you laugh loudly and shout "buttertoes!" at them. or if this someone is a bit of a rage, giggle slyly near them.
Jeff: "aww goddam. i have butter on my toes"

Patrick: "waaaay you have Buttertoes man."

Jamie: "dude where am i?"
by Will Brown September 25, 2007
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