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A really girthy woman whom you enjoy screwing.
Damn, that chubby chick? That's a good butterfuck!
by Tons o' fun December 18, 2004
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n. a smooth fucking session (not to be confused with the rough stuff in Brando's controversial butter scene in the Bertolucci film Last Tango in Paris)
As he and his wife grew older, he took consolation in the mellow rhythms of a butter fuck in their sleigh bed.
by V. Cummings August 03, 2006
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The art or act of taking a half of a stick of butter and inserting into the vaginal cavity and applying ones penis in a sharp thrusting motion where as the butter provides the lubrication for hateful sex.
Afterwards the said butter can be used to butter your roommate's toast.
Chef Piere growing tired of his assistants incessant bitching, took her to the walk-in for quick hard butter fucking... doggy style.
by wayne March 27, 2004
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Somebody who is either a complete dumbass, or someone who uses butter as lube.
Person A: 2+2=22
Person B: You are a complete butterfuck
by Wrath of Reddit October 16, 2017
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When you fuck a stick of butter because your wife left you. aka sticking a big chunk of butter up your ass
Ex: I made a video on how to butter fuck the right way.
by The dildo my mom gave me June 04, 2018
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