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When something is underwhelming or disappointing. Most often used in a context that involves a person describing the poor state of something, such as a meal or TV show.
"Dude, this caf food is straight buttslap." "I'm bummed bro, that movie was buttslap."
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by Montgomery Applebottom February 15, 2018
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One of the congratulatory gestures where one teammate slaps the rear of another player. Either to acknowledge them for outstanding efforts, inspire them if they are dragging behind, or calm them down if they are too fired up to concentrate. This is acceptable for all players, male to female, female to female, female to male or male to male. This gesture has nothing to do with homosexual tendencies but an extremely positive, enthusiastic and quick communication technique.
Jill gave Jen a butt slap after she hit a home run, Jill's team couldent feel more enthused by Jill's home run streak.

Ken the catcher ran to the mound to talk to Dave about walking three batters, then gave Dave a butt slap to calm him down before he walked back to the plate.

Tina butt slapped John before he walked up to bat, knowing that the game was up to him and needs a base hit or walk to win the game.

Mark butt slapped Joe at the free throw line after Joe made the first basket, knowing he was under pressure.
by the all sportsman June 14, 2009
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The act of slapping a softball teammate on the posterior to reward them for a great hit or an outstanding play in the field.
Jimmy sure likes to give butt slaps to the girls on the team when they get a hit or catch the ball.
by JimmyT84 August 30, 2007
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