A adjective that sounds like a complement(ex. "poetic," "prose"), but, in actuality, is derogatory, meaning dry, verbose, boring, long, slow, or drawn-out. As such, it is a wonderful way to insult someone to their face; even if they do know what it means, they will often excuse you for it, thinking that you thought it meant something good.
Person: Hey, what do you think of my Harry Potter Sexual Fanfic?

Me: *Washing eyes out* It's very, um, prosaic!

Person: Oh, why thank you! I'll go submit this to a publisher!

Me: *Snickers evilly.*
by x3y October 18, 2019
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Ideas that normally appear in our brain in prosaic forms i.e. without any metrical composition.
We can say that “thinking is translating ‘prosaic-ideas’ without accessories” since ideas (in brain) do not follow any metrical composition.
by Rajeeb2014 January 16, 2013
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