A word created in the embers of passion and love. Used to express a wide array of feelings, care, love, happiness, desire and essentially any emotion. Can also be used to replace a person's name. The meaning comes from how the word is said and the context in which it is said. Therefor it can be a combination of emotions or an emotion that there is no word for.
"Buta, I'm hungry" - Referring to the person as buta

"I just want to buta you!" - sex

"I just want to buta you!" - When your so excited there are no other words to describe your feeling.
by omgidfk May 25, 2013
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abbrev. of bus turn-around. the area where the school buses arrive. every school might not exactly have one.
"yo, i'll see you at the buta after ninth period."
by ian July 17, 2005
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Used exactly when and how ‘but’ is used in sentences, however adds emphasis for a twist.
‘But I like apples

‘Buta I like apples’
by Jsbetch May 06, 2018
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