Ha! You thought I was going to say cumming, well here we go: Busting nuts is when you take a hammer and destroy a peanut. TAKE THAT!
U thot boi. Busting nuts is hard to do sometimes, so use a grenade when necessary
by Unclecucumber April 3, 2020
mah man ere bust nuts all dai erday
by B2KSOULJA February 18, 2008
eg. I bust nut all over your mums face last night and she loved it
by adanno92 October 15, 2010
To Accidentally Hit Your Balls Really Hard.
Hey Tony I Saw The Funniest Shit, Some Guy Was Grinding Down A Rail On A Skateboard And Fell Off And Busted Nuts.
by Adrew Barron October 29, 2006
That sweet moment of relief and relaxation
Example. "I can not wait to bust nuts after work!", said Nick

Or John said,"I'm going to be busting nuts! All kinds... Of nuts".
by Nuts by Nick April 1, 2014
A term used to describe wanting to have sex.
Boy it's been along time for me I'd really like to bust nuts tonight!
by Hom2436 January 14, 2018
combination of the word "busted" meaning "overly good" (syn. "imba") and the word "nuts" meaning "the best possible thing".
In short, it means something that is of exceptionaly quality.
"Medics are the busted nuts"
"The Uzi is the busted nuts"
"Glare of Subdual is the busted nuts"
"I will bust your nuts"
by mihaixor February 1, 2006