Originating from East Oakland in the 90s -Describing people that hang around when they're not wanted. aka. Lingerers
Time to bounce Buster Brown.

After he copped a zip, Buster Brown just wouldnt leave.

Buster Brown, You're drunk. Time to go home.
by c.harris July 15, 2017
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Just like saying "hey buster" or "hey man" implies a certain impatience with someone, or that you one takes offence to a particular comment.
"Hey Buster Brown, would you mind moving you car so i can get out?"
by Sophfisticuffs May 17, 2010
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A really goofy looking person who also has very poor social skills and is usually not wanted by a majority of a group
Yo mang why are we hanging out with this buster brown he's making us look bad
by Shawnix Fleury July 4, 2006
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"Hey man I really need to Buster Brown, can I use your toilet?"
by Wyatty December 23, 2008
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Buster Brown: to fuck a fat girl in the ass with ones shoe(buster brown being a shoe company,brown refering to an asshole)
Man that bitch is so fat, I wouldn't throw her the buster brown!
by d.j. jam master jizzy Jay August 6, 2007
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A well-aged pair of white jockey shorts. see also tighty whiteys. So named for their defining characteristics of being busted in the front and brown in the back.
(A single-dad family, running late in the morning, trying to leave for school.)
"Dad, I need some undies!"
"Here's your goddam buster browns. And go brush your teeth. Goddamit."
by Ron N. Lowe July 12, 2008
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A name given to a friend for lying
Jeff : and I got head from her!! Me : Hold it there Buster Brown Skin.
by AsianPenisLength October 14, 2019
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