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The act of running, jumping, and landing into a bush. Usually done under the influence of alcohol.
I had so much fun bushing with you guys last night. We should go bushing again sometime.
by bexter42 June 06, 2013
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The practice of young teenage girls removing their underpants before entering discos and nightclubs, in order to facilitate easier access.
that young one was mad for it. She was bushing like.
by dudara July 04, 2005
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drinking alcohol wit tha boys and da bjores/bours in a discreet area like da back of da castlegar center or down the tracks.
the boys were bushn last night they were lushed of a bottle of b "john shelly aka shellcat"
by steveo ireland February 04, 2005
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The act of one or more persons rubbing their pubic hair together
Lucy the sex ed teacher said be careful when you're bushing, you may get pubic lice.
by Bushbabybabybabyoh July 13, 2011
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Girls taking off their panties before going into a party/ gig. Makes it easier to get your bush burned!
She said wait a mo and then went bushing at the door and I couldnae believe it!
by hammer---;, hytham April 12, 2007
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Bu-Shing can be best defined as bud luck for eating at an asian restaurant. Upon receipt of the fortune cookie following the meal, should the cookie not contain a fortune, then this is called Bu-Shing, therefore the recipient of this unfortunate cookie will endure seven years of bad luck from that day.
Example 1 - Wayne John Beck was eating at Big Wok Mongolian BBQ at 9:09pm on Saturday November 10th, 2007. Following Mr. Beck's meal, he opened his fortune cookie only to discover BU-SHING. Mr. Beck was scared and ricewine began to pour from his eyes. He was advised by the staff at the restaurant to lock himself up in his house for the next seven years. No one has seen Mr. Beck since.

Example 2 - There was an episode of "Saved By The Bell," in which "Screech," observed this occurrence when he opened his fortune cookie at a restaurant he went to. Screech did not believe in Bu-Shing as he was acting. Two epidoes later "Saved By the Bell," was CANCELED. Years later, "Screech" who's real name is Dustin Diamond is now a member of Celebrity Fit Club.
by B-Pain November 11, 2007
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