The ride where your bouncing harder than a hookers titties in the middle of anal
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The act of sticking your erect penis out of the side of the bus. You can achieve this by either drilling a hole in the side of the bus or by sticking your penis out the window.
Man I just had a Windy Bus Ride, feels good man.
by Windy-Busrider April 30, 2009
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4 or more men(or women with penises) penetrating each other in a line while wearing heavy winter coats.
Tommy, Jim, Ray, and Larry took an Alaskan Bus Ride last night. It was going fine until Larry got up to stretch his legs.
by AbeFroman76 January 28, 2016
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Travel to Bangkok with friends. Have fun in the many strip clubs and brothels. Partake in a hooker or two. When you get an STD; take a bus to the hospital.
bangkok bus ride;Me and my friends took a trip to Thailand and took the bangkok bus ride.
by J-Sin690 January 26, 2008
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One girl is sucking 2 dicks while riding another guy reverse cowgirl sitting straight up. The two guys getting their dicks sucked bust in each of her eyes while shes still riding the other guy. Her eyes become squinted and shes bouncing up and down as if she was in a bus driven by an asian person.
Did you hear about that slut devlin, i heard he got japanese bus rided.
by qmoneynig April 13, 2010
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When a woman hikes up her dress and proceeds to squat over the face of a partner. The partner then in turn vomits up into her sweaty asshole. The vomit is then deflected back into the face of the partner.
This girl came over last night and hiked up her djellaba and she let me take a "Berber Bus Ride."
by Berber Pride June 11, 2010
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