When having sex with a girl (preferably anal) right before you blow your load pull your dick out leaving the condom inside and then jerk off in the shape of an "X" over her opening so the next hungry pirate can find your buried treasure
so i was banging your mom and i found your dads buried treasure

i gaped your moms ass really wide so i could reach in and steal her buried treasure

by happy wood January 9, 2009
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A stinky fart under the blankets set for your significant other to “find”.
Thanks Molly for the “buried treasure”—now open the window so I can breathe!
by ReyMon! October 12, 2019
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The yet-to-be burnt weed found at the bottom of a deep bowl, usually covered by layers of ash.

You brush off/dump out the top layers of burnt weed to reveal still-potent marijuana.

A pleasant surprise, indeed.
Man, I think it's kicked.

--Not at all, my friend. We've still got this Buried Treasure!

Oh yea, good shit!
by kckingcourt August 28, 2009
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While you're banging her from behind, right when you're about to bust, you thumb a quarter into her asshole, then you pull out and drive it into her muddy starfish, and you blow all up in her ass.
My girlfriend slapped me again when I attempted to complete the buried treasure.
by ghillie June 6, 2007
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when you are taking a shit and you find the completly undigested remenince of something consumed, i.e. a corn kernel, a seseme seed, or a coin.
yo D,i just found some buried treasure and that shit was fuckin ill B. a fuckin garbanzo bean dawg. mint condition nukka!
by landing August 25, 2005
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The act of picking your nose.
He's so disgusting, digging for buried treasure all the time.
by Zanilrig November 22, 2015
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When a bowl is believed to be cashed, but a skilled smoker finds one more hit or a series of hits.
I think the bowl is cashed. See if you can find the buried treasure.
by 1Dan July 31, 2006
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