An ambient/garage/2step/dubstep (or whatever dozen sub-genres you can think of) producer from the United Kingdom, who after choosing to remain anonymous identified himself as William Bevan.

Iconic for his very urban, unclean, melancholy sounds and clunky, rigid drum beats, Burial is a very defining figure in his own self-defined genre of dubstep, influencing a whole score of other artists since the release of his genre-defining debut "Burial", and the more accessible second release "Untrue".

Burial has two studio albums and nine EPs, with his first two meeting very positive critical acclaim, a pattern which has only followed through with the many small extended plays he has released from then until now. Untrue, (2007) received no lower than an 8/10 from over ten reviewers, and even a solid A from the so-called "Dean of American Rock Critics" Robert Christgau and a 90/100 rating from Metacritic (based upon 23 reviews).
Though the drums he uses are sometimes an acquired taste, Burial truly is a very influential and talented figure within the alternative electronic music and dubstep industry.
by Necrus January 23, 2013
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A group of two or more people who engage in degenerate behaviors, such as but not limited too: excessive alcohol consumption, excessive gambling, they are likely to fight random people and then laugh about it... ect, ect.

They taking multiple (4-10) vacations per year, to various places such as the Caribbean and Montreal, Canada to engage in these behaviors.

Burials also are likely to use the words "Chased" "Buried" and "Shot" quite frequently. These words are usually unable to be explained by people besides burials.
Burials - "We drank a whole bottle of captain in 20 minutes and then went to three different clubs and got kick out of them all"

"You guys are so chased, shot, done, burial grounds, ground zero, it's done, it's over, death."
by astre894 March 24, 2009
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Used when somebody else experiences bad luck or misfortune.
Your mate trips over in the street: Oh, burial!
by Little Man aka Isaac December 16, 2006
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Usually occuring late at night, it is a booty call strictly for the in and out.
Eric and Kate's relationship has been reduced to strictly burials at this point.
by Mike Coyne May 1, 2006
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A sick ass progressive metal band that will make you shit bricks and throw them at your un-born child.
I listened to that band you told me about, After the Burial...

Did you like them?

Well, my asshole is now the size of a cynder block and I killed my girlfriend.

So you did like them!

by Half Empty September 4, 2008
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Throwing something of sentimental value out the window of a moving car. Usually this item's time has passed, its broke, or it is used up. Items often given the viking burial include empty lighters, broken bowls, small pets, and electronics.
Dude 1: Dude, this lighter is dead.
Dude 2: What? Really? Well, that was my favorite Bic with the poker chips on it. Fuck it give it the viking burial.
Dude 1: (Chucks lighter out window on the interstate)
by Viking9922 March 25, 2009
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The act of taking an car that's in poor condition and not worth selling, into the woods and driving the hell out of it(give'r)until it breaks down, then taking the plates off and leaving it there.
I can't get rid of this piece of crap, might as well have fun and give it a bush burial.
by fgdgfd May 25, 2006
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