A person that is a huge fucking pussy and rats other people out for self-serving reasons. A complete self-righteous, over-dramatic, douche that everyone hates.
1."Oh man can you believe how gay that guy is? He's a total Burford."

2."Dude how the hell did your girlfriend find out you cheated?"
"One of her lame ass friends totally burfored me."
by Frat-For Life April 29, 2010
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A Burford is a extremely miss understood person and once you get to know them they are quite a great person. A lot of people are not open minded enough to understand them but those individuality who do really find them for who they are.
Wow I hated Burford in till I got to know him.
by KingFisher2929 January 25, 2019
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Will steal your girl because they are Alpha as fuck!!!
Oh man I'm such a cuck, but that Alpha over there is a total Burford
by Snickersimpishly April 23, 2020
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a small hickass town in the middle of but fuck nowhere ontario full of rich white kids who think they are better than everyone else in society.if any one says burford is "cool" to live i have a solution ...... slap them
Me:Hey wanna come out to Burford?

you: Fuck u white boy
by E. Henry April 01, 2006
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The act of unequivocally losing your shit at customer service staff.
"Jinendra went full burford at the guy behind the counter at Euro Car Parts after managing to buy something that wasn't on sale."

"Finally got that issue resolved after going full burford on Twitter"
by rustysheriff July 17, 2020
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The most amazing person you will ever come across. Annika is strong, intelligent and looks like she just fell from heaven. She has the best personality ever and those shiny brown eyes and gorgeous long brown hair just add to her elegant character. Simply said Annika is the most Beautiful person you will ever come across.
Guy One: I met this amazing girl last night
Guy Two: Oh yeah, show us a picture
*Guy One shows Guy Two a picture*
Guy Two: Ehh shes no Annika Burford
by Iloveyou Somuch December 12, 2011
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A small town filled with Hicks, The only income is godfathers pizza. There are more tobacco fields then successful businesses. If your from Burford, you own a Pickup truck and a Tractor.
You drive a tractor, Are you from Burford Ontario?
by D Pott January 08, 2020
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