a term used in airsoft to knock your opponent out of the match when he/she comes too close to you
that dude came too close to me in that airsoft fight, i yelled bunker and he was out
by johnnnnnnnnnnnnnn August 03, 2008
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A bunker is when you sneak up behind a player and shoot them at close range in paintball. This usualy leaves the best bruises as the paint sphere most of the time does not explode!
I gave this kid a bunker in the last game!
by kid renegade September 05, 2006
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A nother word for bummer, darn, o shit, ETC...

used before or after something bad happens.
guy 1: There's a cliff ahead and my breaks don't work!
guy 2: BUNKER man
guy 1: i know!
Guy 3: did u hear about Chet and Bret going off that cliff?
Guy 4: yeah, now where R we gunna get our weed man?
Guy 3: I know, it's pretty BUNKER huh?
by Andrew Carr April 30, 2008
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A person that never get fuck.
- Don't funk with this bunker.
- Bunkers never get fuck.
by FrostyFunker May 12, 2020
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We always refer the word 'Bunker' to the kitchen work tops.
"The plate is on the bunker"
by Mowermaan September 25, 2020
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